Our Members

“Each of us, famous or infamous, is a role model for somebody, and if we aren’t, we should behave as though we are; cheerful, kind, loving, courteous. Because you can be sure someone is watching and taking deliberate and diligent notes.”

~ Maya Angelou

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc Oakland Bay Area Chapter is a group of dynamic African American women who are committed to the empowerment of women and girls in our respective communities. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc Oakland Bay Area Chapter was chartered in 1995 with 55 dynamic Black Women who voted for and installed the Charter President, Cathy D. Adams. The chapter has flourished for over 25 years and still growing!


Shari Wooldridge, President
Shari Wooldridge, President
Frances H. Cohen, 1st Vice President
Abiola Ashorobi, 2nd Vice President
Tonya Gilmore, 3rd Vice President
Cheryl Perry League | Secretary
Cheryl Perry League, Secretary
Tracy Tate, Treasurer
Ruth Mims-Jemerson, Financial Secretary
Diane Lewis, Parliamentarian
June Bullock, Historian

The purpose of this Chapter shall be to promote the objectives and policies of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

The purpose of this chapter is to advocate for Black Women and Girls to include:

  • To foster principles of and advocate for equal rights and opportunities for Black Women and Girls
  • To promote awareness of the African American culture within the family and community
  • To develop the potential of the membership for effective leadership and participation in civic affairs
  • To take action on specific issues of local, national and international importance
  • To collaborate with other persons and organizations to achieve mutual goals